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Tips for choosing the bridesmaids dresses you and everyone will love

So you’ve found your dress, and now you will have to make decisions on finding bridesmaids dresses. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has advice, and of course, you’d like to please everyone. Finding a style that is flattering on all your bridesmaids and fulfills all your wedding visions needs and wants can be a challenge. You want to have a great experience that keeps everyone excited. We have a few pointers for choosing dresses your bridesmaids and you will love.


Is it classic, modern, vintage or maybe rustic? The best thing to do is choosing a color palette and/or fabric, and go from there. Take a look at your own dress and think about your overall wedding style. Think about how you want your bridesmaids dresses to complement your wedding gown and overall vision. Find inspiration through wedding sites and Pinterest to show you ways to make your wedding your own.


Look for a style that will highlight your dress and make it stand out even more. Choose brands that have similar styles, with similar cuts. Most bridesmaids like to have some input on what they are wearing, but too many opinions can make the process hard. Pick a few different styles and let your bridesmaids choose which one they would like to wear. If you are looking for a single dress for all your bridesmaids to wear, we recommend narrowing down your options to 2-5 dresses and having them vote on their favorite. Don’t forget to discuss budget with your bridesmaids, and make sure they are comfortable.


It’s hard enough to gather all your bridesmaids in one place these days, so you want to make it a great experience throughout the whole planning process(and hey, it’s okay if you run into a few road bumps here and there). This is a time of celebration and by having fun and enjoying the whole experience, it will keep you excited and your maids excited. Remember, it’s your day. Keep an open mind and be understanding, but don’t be afraid to put your foot down. Your bridesmaids are there to support you and help you bring your vision together.


We work with brides and bridesmaids every day, what can we say.. weddings are our specialty. Circle Park Bridal is here to help with any of your bridesmaids dresses needs. Check out our variety of bridesmaids designers here. It is our goal to bring your wedding vision to life and have you shine on your special day. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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