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Tatum & Garin Hatch

Tatum's bridal look came to life on April 8, 2016. She wore an elegant Essense of Australia wedding dress for her wedding day. The V-Neck line of this dress is perfectly complimented by the whimsical tool bottom.

flower and greenery bouquet with bride

From the Bride: "Garin and I began dating in the summer of 2012. We connected immediately; If there was ever such a thing as love at first sight, we had it. I was in college working on my Biology degree at the time, and he had just started a new job at the local paper mill in IT. Fast forward a few years to December of 2015. I graduated in November and started grad school to be a teacher in December, and he had been promoted and working for corporate IT for a while, and he proposed! That was a dream in itself. We were visiting Asheville, NC, and while biking in front of A LITERAL WATERFALL he proposed!

arkansas wedding

Of course after almost 4 years of dating I basically had our entire wedding planned out. I had a few things that were really important to me when planning the wedding.

To me, the photos were the most important part. I love looking back at pictures, and I wanted our wedding pictures to be perfect. Garin and I didn't take engagements or anything, so these wedding photos had to be everything! Coincidentally enough Garin's old roommate had begun really growing as a wedding photographer, and I LOVED his work. I am so fortunate that my parents paid for our wedding, but even still this was an investment worth making.

Essense of Australia

Garin and I decided we wanted a small wedding - like really small - as in immediate family only, and it was the BEST decision we could've made. We were able to have a destination wedding almost 7 hours away at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was beautiful. The chapel is completely glass!

I wanted a bouquet straight from Pinterest. I wanted large flowers and lots of draping things (ha). I took my ideas to a church friend who seemed like he knew a little about flowers (ha again). He loved the idea of making my bouquet, and actually started a business out of it after my wedding! (@finefolksla on Instagram) The bouquet was everything I had dreamed it should be plus more!

I researched for weeks before deciding to travel to Dallas to find my dress. I brought my two sisters and my mom, and we spent the entire day driving and dress shopping! I thought I wanted something super sleek, but every dress I tried on made me feel self conscious! The girls at Circle Park made me feel so confident and ended up finding a dress for me that wasn't what I thought I wanted initially but ended up being PERFECT!

As far as the other aspects of our wedding, my mother-in-law and I made the cake, there was no need for decorations in a chapel so beautiful, my sisters did my hair and makeup, and the only music we needed was the song I would walk the aisle to (I chose the instrumental version of At Last I See The Light from Tangled)! After our wedding all 15 of the attendees went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner and cake! All in all it was exactly like my dreams, and my husband and I were so happy with every aspect of our wedding!"

Photographer- AndyKyleRoberts

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