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Christi & Gerin John

Christi looked absolutely breath taking in her sweet-heart fitted Blue by Enzoani gown. This was the perfect dress she had envisioned for her big day! The detailed lace running throughout the dress as well as the sleeves made Christi looking nothing short of flawless on her special day.

I met my husband four years ago at my friend's birthday party. I saw him from afar and thought, "Wow, he's cute!" We said hi to one another but unfortunately, we didn't carry the conversation and that was that. We became Facebook friends a few weeks later but we didn't talk until one day, a picture of him popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. I commented on the picture (and making fun of him... slightly) which drew some attention and caused more people to like & comment on his picture. I felt so bad (I really did) and messaged Gerin (my husband) to apologize for drawing attention to his picture. I didn't think we would continue the conversation but much to my surprise, Gerin kept talking to me. After talking for a few weeks, we decided to meet in person in Denton for the first time since we met in Houston. When we met, the connection was strong and I knew there was something different about Gerin. After talking and praying, we both knew that we were meant to be together. On February 14th, 2016, we made it official (cliche, I know) and on December 16th, 2017, Gerin proposed to me (it was beautiful)!

Since January 2018, I was on a mission to find the ideal wedding dress for my wedding day (because what girl doesn't dream of their perfect wedding dress right). I wanted an A-line wedding dress with lots of lace work and some bead work. I had gone to several bridal boutiques trying out various wedding dresses and still didn't find "the one." When I came to Circle Park, I was hopeful about finding my wedding dress. There was a great amount of dress selections available in various styles. My consultant was absolutely amazing to work with and very knowledgeable. She wanted to know what I was looking for and she worked with me and we found three dresses. After trying on my second dress, I knew I had found THE one. Thank you Stephanie!

I envisioned my wedding day to be very elegant and romantic with lots of gold and blush pink. The most important vision I wanted captured on my wedding day was family, unity, and love.

Being a planner, I knew what I wanted and with the help of my dad (he was our wedding planner- thank you dad), my husband, and our families, my vision became a reality. On October 6th 2018, I married the love of my life and became Mrs. John! All the planning paid off and I got to enjoy my fairy tale wedding.


Wedding Venue- Prestonwood Baptist Church

Reception Venue- Hilton Garden Inn- Lewisville

Photographer- J.W. Daniels Photography

Videographer- Motion Blur Films

Bridal hair & Makeup- Pure Colour

Saree Draping- JJ Saree Draping

Bridesmaids Outfits- UTSAV Fashion

Decor & Florist- Bebe's Decor

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