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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered

What sizes are your sample gowns?

We carry samples in a variety of sizes. Most of the wedding dresses in our main selection are size 10 through 14.

We also carry a large Plus Size selection ranging from size 18-30.

Bridal sizes are not like other clothing items, you can expect to where 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size!

All of our stylists are trained to use clips to give you the best idea of what each dress would look like in your size! If you find the one, we will measure your bust, waist, and hips then compare your measurements to the designer's size guide. Sizing is always your choice!

Do your carry plus size gowns?

Yes we do. We have a very large selection of plus size wedding gowns ranging from size 18-30 so all brides can find that perfect wedding dress.

What is the average price of your wedding dresses?

We work hard to make sure we can serve Brides in all price points! We carry a wide variety of leading designer wedding gowns.

Our Special Order bridal gowns range from our Couture Bridal Designers range from $2000-$6000.

The majority of our Designer Bridal Gowns are between $1500 and $2200.

We also offer a few Affordable Designer Lines starting at $700 - $1,500. We work hard to have a good selection for all styles and budgets!

We also have a large selection of SAMPLE SALE wedding dresses that you can take home with you today at deeply discounted prices, well below wholesale costs.

What do I wear to try on wedding dresses?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, and undergarments. We will be in the fitting room with you helping you in and out of dresses. Underwear is required to try on all of our gowns. Spanx are always a good option to help our customers feel confident and comfortable during the dress shopping experience. Most of our gowns have built-in bra cups so wearing a bra isn't always necessary, if you are more comfortable wearing one, we recommend something nude and strapless!

Ultimately, wear what you feel the most confident trying dresses on in!

What if my mother, sister, or close family friend cannot make it to my appointment?

We understand that many of our brides may not have the person they need to help them say yes to the dress. Most of our brides find their dress on the first fitting with us. We recommend letting whoever cannot be with you on your shopping day know what time your appointment is, and asking that they be available for facetime, skype, facebook chat, or something similar. This allows them not only to see you in your dress but to actually share with you the special moment of the first time you tried on YOUR Wedding Dress. Facetime has allowed so many out-of-town friends and family to get to share in all the special memories and helped our brides not be stressed or overwhelmed because they felt someone was missing out.

When should I order my wedding dress?

If you want to remain stress free we recommend planning on ordering your bridal gown 9-11 months before your wedding date. Bridal gowns are made to order, and can take up to 6 months to produce. You also need to factor in 2-3 months for alterations and customazations of your wedding dress.

Most of our designers do have RUSH options available for weddings sooner than 7 months for a fee which varies based on the designer. We work hard to help all brides no matter what her timeframe to find the perfect dress and get it in time for her wedding. Allow us to take your stress away and your personal stylist will be able to get you your dream wedding dress in time for your perfect wedding.

My wedding is coming up quickly can you help me find the one?

Do not worry, we have a large selection of Sample Sale Bridal Gowns we can sell you to take home that day. Most of our designers also have RUSH options available and allow us to get you your perfect dress as quick as a could weeks to a couple months depending on the dress and the designer. Your personal stylist will be able to help you and give the best recommendations based on you wants and needs.

What are the average prices of your bridesmaid dresses?

We have over 500 special order bridesmaids' dresses to choose from. The prices range from approximately $130 - $350.

*DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE* We also give discounts to the bridesmaid parties who purchase their wedding dress from Circle Park Bridal. We even give volume discounts to parties who are ordering 5 or more dresses with us. Party members could save up to 15% on orders. (Certain restrictions apply. See store for more details.)

(ALTERATIONS are NOT included in the price of the dress and it is the party members' responsibility to find their own tailor/seamstress. Circle Park Bridal does not offer any alterations services.)

Do you offer discounts on bridesmaid dresses?

YES! If you buy your wedding dress from Circle Park Bridal, your party members can receive a 10% discount on their dresses.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS! Bridal Parties with 5 or more members ordering through us can also get 10% off of their dresses.

MORE DISCOUNTS! If you buy your wedding dress from Circle Park Bridal and you have 5 or more bridesmaids order with us, each party member could receive a 15% discount on their dress.

***Some restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details.***

What if I have bridesmaids that don't live around here?

Don't worry! We have that figured out for you and we do most of the work of keeping your party organized and on time for you. You can even see the progress of each party member through our new "Client Portal" and send them reminders yourself or allow the system to do it for you via text messaging. This allows you to have everything organized and ordered together from the same place no matter where they live so you can track everyone's progress without you having to call everyone or have those long email and text message chains. Also, ordering all of your dresses from us also saves your party members money because we give discounts to Circle Park Brides and volume discounts.

Our system is totally automated as well and communicates with everyone for you through the simplest way, TEXT MESSAGING! The system can send messages to; get them started in the ordering process, send reminders and notifications about order deadlines, dress arrival, and tracking information if they are having their dress shipped to them. They can even submit their measurements, sign agreements/place orders, and even make payments through text messaging. Talk about simple!

Do you allow children in your boutique?

Yes, we are a women-friendly workplace and retail space. We understand that sometimes means moms may need to bring their little ones! We do ask that the parent supervises their children throughout the entire appointment and do not allow children to play in the dresses or with other merchandise. We also cannot allow food or beverages past our front desk. Thank you for your understanding.

Can we bring in food and drinks?

We only allow water in the fitting room areas! We do not keep our gowns in bags so this rule is to protect our gowns for you and our future brides! You can leave any other food or drink you bring in the lobby area!

Will I need alterations?

Almost all wedding dresses require alterations of some kind. When ordering your bridal gown your stylist will walk you through selecting the best size based on your personal measurements and the designers size chart, in order to minimize alterations as much as possible.

Alterations can require a 2-3 month timeline to be stress free. We can reccomend alterations experts who offer rush alterations when needed.

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